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  • HELLO AND WELCOME! I am Marisa, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Annapolis, MD. I'm a believer in collecting life's little moments, not things. Endlessly inspired by laughter and a chaser of that dreamy light. My photographic style in three words…fresh, candid, always with a touch of sun flare!

    A bit of hustle and a lot of heart have brought me in touch with some of the most incredible families, couples and individuals. With every snap shot taken, I'm reminded that life should always be an adventure filled with new faces, inspiring places, and stories to share.

    It is my hope that the images we create together will allow you to relive your life's greatest adventures for years to come.

I consider myself lucky to have met so many wonderful people in the local photography industry. “Friendors” – fellow vendors, peers, creatives, go-getters, all willing to help each other out so our businesses can continue grow. I consider Maria one of those great individuals! On top of that, I have had the honor of capturing her little crew on camera before. They are an incredibly fun family that is always laughing and full of love. I’m talking ear-to-ear smiles from start to finish.

This day after day of rain and clouds has me sitting here at my computer dreaming of sunshine! So I thought, why not share Emilia and Luke’s engagement session. Terrapin Park is the perfect mix of landscapes, the best of both worlds if you will. It offers open fields, wooded trails and the Chesapeake Bay (and bridge!) as a backdrop.

Emilia and Luke’s wedding day is quickly approaching – end of this month. I can only imagine the images we’ll create at their beautiful Londontown Garden wedding.


Who here likes a great sale? Not just a couple bucks off a so-so product. I’m talking the kind of sale that makes your heart go beat-beat a little faster. The kind of sale where you are getting something of amazing value at an irresistible price.

Well, if you have ever considered booking a portrait session with MISA ME your photography-prayers have been answered…

I will be running my first-ever sale! You may be familiar with mini sessions – this offer is way better and of greater value because its a sale on full sessions. Meaning you won’t have to sacrifice any inclusions – you will get the whole portrait session experience at a knock-out price!

Why a sale? I want you and your family to experience the joy and heartfelt emotion that a beautiful photography session brings! They preserve a special moment in time that you will truly cherish forever. Consider this sale my answer to ‘Spring Fever’!

So here it is…THE Spring Sale!

Keep in mind, sales are a rare occurrence and I can’t promise you’ll see another one like this, if any, for quite some time. So don’t hesitate – this opportunity ends in zero buyer’s remorse! This sale is in lieu of formerly offered mini sessions.






SESSION FEE: Book your couple or family Portrait Session for just a $150.00 session fee (Originally, $225.00) that covers time, talent, editing of images and the grand reveal of 50 to 75 images to view.


COLLECTIONS: Then select one of the following product collections below. Collections include a variety of signature products such as professional-grade prints and digital images.

  • The Favorites Collection and receive an additional $100.00 off
  • The Keepsake Collection and receive an additional $125.00 off
  • The Full Digital Collection and receive an additional $150.00 off
  • The Ideal Collection and receive an additional $175.00 off

To view the 2018 Portrait Catalog that details each Collection’s inclusions and pre/post-sale pricing click HERE and email MISA ME Photography (Subject line: “2018 Spring Sale”. Your inquiry is commitment free


Once you’re ready to book, simply follow up with your inquiry and include your preferred Spring-Sale date from the options listed below.


** The Spring Sale will run until Wednesday, April 4th or until the first (5) bookings are confirmed, whichever comes first! **






This Spring sale may be redeemed for bookings on any of the following dates below. All session take place after work hours – during ‘Golden Hour’ as the sun sets. All dates are first come, first served and are considered reserved once a retainer is received.

April:    11 (Tue.), 12 (Thurs.), 13 (Fri.), 15 (Sun.)*, 17 (Tue.), 18 (Wed.), 19 (Thurs.), 20 (Fri.), 22 (Sun)*

May:     16 (Wed.), 17 (Thurs.), 20 (Sun.)*, 22 (Tue.), 24 (Thurs.), 30 (Wed.), 31 (Thurs.)

*Portrait sessions booked on a weekend date require the selection of either the Full Digital or Ideal Collection.


Fine Print:

  • The discounted session fee applies to couples and families of 4. Additional family members can absolutely be added for a very nominal fee!
  • Sessions may take place at any of the following locations: Annapolis – MD, Kinder Farm Park, Terrapin Park, Downtown Annapolis, Jonas Green Park.
  • All sales are final and no refunds are offered.
  • MD Sales tax and Shipping & Handling will be applied to collections and products.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any past or future MISA ME Photography offerings.


  • Ashley Miller - March 21, 2018 - 9:51 am

    I wanted to do may 20th for the sale. I’m waiting for my husband to get back from playing in the snow

  • Sarah Dembert - March 21, 2018 - 11:16 am

    Friday, April 13 for Spring Sale

  • Elizabeth Higgins - March 21, 2018 - 11:22 am

    We would be interested in Sunday, May 20 to do a family portrait. How long do the sessions usually last?
    There would be 9 adults and one baby.
    Thank you.

  • Suzy Emmerich - March 22, 2018 - 7:27 am

    Sunday April 22nd for Spring Sale

Family portraits are so important, more than some may think! They are a moment to hit the *pause* button and capture life together now because in a wonderful way things certainly aren’t meant to stay ‘as is’.

We get wrapped up in it all. Honestly, how can we not? Our day-to-day is crazy yet beautiful all at the same time. A week passes, a month, a year, a decade. Before we know it, our little ones aren’t so little.

Sure, we all have some form of technology at the palm of our hands – iPhones, tablets, point-and-shoot cameras, maybe even a DSLR. Taking a photo is quick, easy (sometimes a little blurry – such is life!) thanks to these modern conveniences.

But what is the catch to being the most photographed generation to date?

*Raise your hand if you’re guilty*

“My ‘photographs’ are lost in a world of computer hard drives, iCloud storage, old memory cards, Instagram uploads, Facebook albums or have been, dare I say it, accidentally deleted” – GUILTY!

Of course we have the best of intentions. We are at least taking some photos. But let’s go a little deeper. Photographs in their true form have meaning. The same meaning they once did when photography was film-based and not of the digital era. They are tangible prints intentionally made to commemorate a beautiful and important person, a time and age in life, or a special moment that although has passed was so wonderful and worth documenting.

When you invest in a portrait session for those you love you are making the intentional choice to preserve memories in the most beautiful, artistic way. Its more than ‘a few quick photographs and digitals’. It’s something you can hold onto forever.

Professional photography has the most incredible value because that value is you.

If you have been mulling over scheduling a professional photography session – take the leap and contact MISA ME Photography. No buyer’s remorse here – ever! Each and every client leaves with a few extra laugh lines because photography is meant to be fun. It is meant to capture the candid and the real. You will play, you will laugh, you will stop time to share amazing moments with the ones you love. The best part is, those moments will be turned into the most amazing artwork.  So what do you say we upgrade those iPhone pictures?







Emily and Craig’s wedding was the quintessential Maryland bayside celebration! With family ties to the Eastern shore, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club venue provided the most beautiful backdrop in June. As you’ll see, the night ended with a sunset that lit up the entire sky. Craig and Emily met at Sunday school in the 3rd grade! They remained friends throughout middle school and high school. Fast forward to an Orioles game after college – sparks flew! On the wedding day, the whole room smiled when they smiled. It was an event to remember!

Congrats Craig and Emily! It was an honor to photograph this special day in your lives!