Spring 2017 Mini Session Recap

If there is one photography session format I absolutely love it is mini sessions. Yes, they are great for clients but from a personal standpoint they provide the opportunity to reconnect with so many past and current clients both wedding and portrait. I can see how quickly their adorable children are growing and hear about the awesome adventures life has taken them on since we last snapped photographs. Mini sessions also bring about new faces that I hope to photograph for years to come!

So, what is a mini session? Mini sessions are the petite version of a regular full-format photography session. The mini sessions I offer are 30 minutes long whereas a regular session can last anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. They take place on a specified date at a preselected location and tend to run throughout an entire evening. Meaning I could photograph 10+ families in one day!

Clients love the budget-friendly price point but also the fact that they end up with a gallery of quality images to choose digitals, prints and products from. In my case, the investment for a mini session includes a client’s choice of up to a certain number of digital images for keeps. Essentially, they are a quick way for small families, couples and individuals to obtain professional quality images at a slightly lesser price point.

Choosing between a regular full-format photography session and a mini session is a client’s personal choice. There are definite perks to each!  Full format sessions can be customized. Meaning you select the date based on availability and the location(s). Because more photography time is included clients will receive a larger gallery of images to order and choose from. There is also the benefit of an outfit change! They are ideal for both small groupings and large. Last but not least, the session is all about you and no one else. We have the entire time during that golden hour to explore and capture so many beautiful moments of you with the ones you love.

MISA ME Photography will be offering a few mini session dates this fall – to be announced very soon! So keep your eyes peeled. They tend to sell out very quickly with the holidays approaching.

Here are some snaps from an evening of mini sessions this past June at Kinder Farm Park.



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