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  • Hello and welcome to all things MISA ME! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

    My photos say it all but if I had to describe my style in three words they would be fresh and candid always with a touch of sun flare .

    I've meshed the best of both worlds into this "blogsite" where you'll find post after post and image after image of the beauty I see in those I photograph and the moments that make you melt.

    Capturing laughter on camera gets me right in the gut! I'll rock your portrait session and click away from beginning to end on your wedding day!

    Hope to see you on the flip side of my camera!

Fenwick Island Delaware Family Portraits: Nelson Family

The stars truly aligned to make this family portrait session happen and I’m so grateful they did. Its become a favorite of mine! Elaine’s family has the sweetest beach cottage in Fenwick Island that has been passed down through the generations. It was only fitting that we capture the essence of John and Elaine’s children experiencing the beauty of summer, just as Elaine had done on that very same beach growing up. This incredibly playful session was filled with tons of running races, silly faces, dinosaur rooooaaarrrss, twirling in the sunset, touching the waves as they crashed to the shore, and so much more. Capturing these sweet little faces on camera totally brought out the child in me! I truly love documenting these family moments, preserving them for generations to come.



Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer: Lindsey

Remember this post I wrote just a week ago, sharing my love for capturing one’s inner beauty on camera? Every word rings so true! With the onset of fall just around the corner I’m more than ready to dive into this new High School Senior Portrait adventure. My wheels have been constantly turning with photo session ideas and locations. The world is literally your oyster when it comes to incredible photographic opportunities in this area.

I so excited to have assembled an amazing team of senior reps who believe in the positive message I’m trying to convey through this portrait experience. You recently met Lily in last week’s feature. Now, I am more than excited to introduce Lindsey. A stunner both inside and out! She has a presence that will truly brighten your day. A bayside beauty with a love for country music, friends and family.

If you are a friend or classmate of Lindsey and you are interested in receiving more information about MISA ME Photography’s High School Senior Portrait services give Lindsey a shout to receive one of her rep cards. Upon booking your own personal senior portrait session with MISA ME you could receive discounts, complimentary prints, and more just by presenting that rep card or mentioning a referral by Lindsey. All interested high school seniors can also contact MISA ME directly at misamephoto@gmail.com for more information.

Hair & Makeup by Sara with Sara Elizabeth Artistry!

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Wedding: Barrett & Tina

Hello friends! And hello sweet, glorious internet! Blogging straight to you from the beautiful state of North Carolina. Connection has been spotty…which is probably a good thing considering I’m supposed to be vacationing but I couldn’t resist sharing a sun-filled bayside wedding. Let me introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Hill. Both share an incredible love for all things Chesapeake bay and boating. Their wedding took place at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Building in Annapolis, MD. Imagine a beautiful, untouched landscape. Tall grasses, white sand, waves crashing on the shore, and wildlife sightings. Its stunning and always a treat to capture on camera. So many favorite images!

Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer: Capturing Inner Beauty on Camera

I’ve been holding on to a little secret!

I’ve hinted here and there about a new High School Senior Portrait Program I’ve been developing. I’m literally bursting at the seams to go-go-go. Share all the details, post all the images, just get the darn ball rolling. But before I do that, I feel I need to pause… I want to share why I am taking this deep seeded idea from mind and choosing to take a part of my business in this new direction. This isn’t just a photographer taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures or trying to find another market to reach, just because. This is a genuine motivation, a want, a need, that stems directly from my heart. To be a channel through which a young girl is able to see her true beauty.

Confidence can be slow to build. A lesson I continue to learn as a woman to this day. There is this mold that society has conjured up. Its thrown in our face everywhere in every way. It can leave us thinking that if we don’t fit that mold, we somehow fall short as a person. We’re not the “perfect” that society is showing and telling us to be. We don’t measure up.

The truth is, we do not have to live up to this scale of perfection that society deems the end-all of beauty. Someone other than the media needs to show girls what beautiful really is. You deserve to be told you are beautiful because you truly are!

Although I haven’t gone full force yet in promoting this new portrait experience, I have had the opportunity to photograph quite a few incredible high school senior girls throughout my career. I can’t even begin to explain the look of pure joy and excitement that lights up a young girl’s face like when she sees her portraits for the first time. Even if it is just a tiny unedited preview on the backside of my camera, it’s like seeing yourself in an entirely new light. It’s an awakening! They see the beauty, the positive, the incredible soul that we see.

The flicker of light, happiness, and confidence are what have motivated me to build a portrait experience for these young girls. An experience that brings out the true you. A you that you may or may not realize was there.

A portrait session is not just about looks, it’s about who you are. I cannot wait to go on this adventure of self discovery with each and every High School Senior that invests in a session with MISA ME. I promise to spend quality time getting to know the ins and outs of who you are. That natural inner beauty that is anxiously waiting to come out, be captured, and preserved timelessly on camera. The perfect keepsake for one of the most incredible times in your life.

Stay tuned throughout these next few weeks for blog posts featuring MISA ME Photography’s incredible Senior Rep team. If you are a high school senior interested in booking MISA ME Photography’s portrait services please fill out the contact form at www.misamephoto.com. 

Featured: One of my beautiful Senior Reps, Lily! Chesapeake High School, Class of 2016. Hair and makeup by Sara Elizabeth with Sara Elizabeth Artistry

Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session: Kyle and Ashleigh

This Annapolis engagement session session makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it! Down to the basic, purest form, it was such a great experience. Kyle and Ashleigh are a top notch couple. Just as incredibly sweet on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Ashleigh fits so perfectly into her sweetheart’s arms. They shared so much laughter during our time photographing. Their love story most definitely has great things to come, I can just feel it!