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  • Hello and welcome to all things MISA ME! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

    My photos say it all but if I had to describe my style in three words they would be fresh and candid with a touch of sun flare .

    I've meshed the best of both worlds into this "blogsite" where you'll find post after post and image after image of the beauty I see in those I photograph and the moments that make you melt.

    Capturing laughter on camera gets me right in the gut! I'll rock your portrait session and click away from beginning to end on your wedding day!

    Hope to see you on the flip side of my camera!

    xo, Marisa

Tyler & Erika’s Wedding

Countryside weddings captivate me more than ever. Its something about the history of the land and the way the soft sun sets over the rolling hills and pastures. Let me tell you, this springtime wedding was a countryside charmer! Imagine a groom that plants an entire field of lavender so his bride can enjoy the incredible sight on the day of their wedding. Yup! Tyler did that. Picture a sleek yet flowing lace gown enhanced by the brightest red tulips and greenery. Yup! Erika wore that. Envision the happiest of smiles amongst a crowd of friends and family witnessing the sweetest two individuals share their vows. Followed by the celebration of all celebrations with the most incredible vintage flare.

I’ve had the pleasure of running into these two after their blissful day at the weddings of other friends and family members and its always such a treat. I can’t help but let the biggest smile take me over because it brings me back to this perfect day at Butler’s Orchard.

If you missed their sun kissed engagement session click here.

Fitzpatrick Family

When someone returns to have their photographs taken again for a second, third, fourth (etc.!) time it is one of the most rewarding things. A pat on the bag and job well done! I truly put my heart and soul into each and every session and wedding. I want to capture every moment — when a baby giggles, when a husband shares the sweetest smirk while looking at his wife, when a grandparent proudly holds and plays with their grandchild, when a newly engaged couple bursts out in laughter. Even when your little one has a meltdown mid-session (bribery for the future teenage years, haha!). All the moments!

This sweet family has been on the other side of my camera quite a few times. I’m so grateful for their trust in me to capture these sweet moments in life! Chase is an absolute joy with the most stunning baby blue eyes. Witnessing this family’s love is always a beautiful thing.

Cornell Family

So perhaps I’m weird but I find myself so drawn to landscapes that aren’t the obvious “pretty”. I love buildings that are a bit dilapidated and rough around the edges. Worn paint, old doors, aged wood, forgotten parking lots, historic steel bridges. I just love photographing soft, pretty images in an industrial space. Add in some sun flare and you have spoken to my soul.

Matt and Caitlin chose Downs Park in Pasadena as the backdrop for their maternity session. And of course, me being me, I opted to start the session of at a small random bridge at one of the park’s back entries. I loved the angles and lines it created for their photos. This of course was followed by one of the park’s random empty car lots. Eventually, we made it over to the gorgeous beach area with tall grasses for days. It was the perfect, eclectic mix of backdrops to photograph the love and excitement they had over their little one on the way.


Dan & Liz’s Wedding

There is something about this wedding that brings the most genuine smile to my face. It just makes me happy! Super happy! Maybe its the cheery hints of yellow and green amongst that royal blue. Maybe the scrumptious looking cupcake tower? One thing I do know…Liz and Dan’s wedding was a day to remember. Their ceremony location, the Elkridge Furnace Inn, has such great history to it. The Inn is part of the Civil War Trail, Patapsco State Park and the Underground Railroad. Beautiful brick pathways set amongst aged trees, the greenest grass, and quaint historical details. Just love it!

Bantu & Natalie’s Wedding

My blogging routine tends to fall behind during what I refer to as “in season”. So, I’ve been making big attempts to share as much as I possibly can over these cold months. I’ve finally reached this wedding. This perfectly lit, vibrant, and memorable day. I knew without a doubt after photographing their engagement session that the wedding day would be nothing short of incredible. Bantu and Natalie held their celebration at Turf Valley in Ellicott City, MD. The ceremony backdrop was stunning. Whimsical willows with the light trickling in behind the pair as they said they vows. They incorporated Indian wedding traditions throughout the day. Including gorgeous saris in the most striking colors worn by both Natalie and her bridesmaids. My eyes were constantly moving from one gorgeous moment and item to the next. It was the most perfect fusion of classic, culture and tradition.