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  • Hello and welcome to all things MISA ME! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

    My photos say it all but if I had to describe my style in three words they would be fresh and candid with a touch of sun flare .

    I've meshed the best of both worlds into this "blogsite" where you'll find post after post and image after image of the beauty I see in those I photograph and the moments that make you melt.

    Capturing laughter on camera gets me right in the gut! I'll rock your portrait session and click away from beginning to end on your wedding day!

    Hope to see you on the flip side of my camera!

    xo, Marisa

Sebold Family

This is a PSA announcement too all of the families out there…have professional portraits of your family taken! iPhone pictures do not count and lets be honest, its about time mom and dad update the 3rd grade laser beam background image she as of you hanging up on her wall. But on a serious note, family portraits truly are a priceless investment. It warms my heart when a family brings me into their lives and asks me to capture them on camera. All of it! The love, the personalities, the funny faces, the quirks, the laughter. Many families are reminded of the importance of those images around the holidays. Think about it, with 12 available months in the year, its a small price to pay to take a little evening, spend it with your family, and have beautiful memories captured in a way that will extend far beyond that session.

Zac & Dani’s Wedding

In the grand scheme of things, candid moments rank higher for me than detail shots. However! I do love a good detail image and always capture every little bit! For Dani and Zac’s wedding day, there was just something about the looming gray skies, mixed with the city backdrop, that  perfectly complimented the beautiful tones in Dani’s dress, shoes (I need them!), and flowers. The modern venue and city scape just felt so right for this couple and always feels so right for me. Clean lines, neutral hues…yes, please! Don’t get me wrong though! There’s a big piece of my heart that is so drawn to the countryside. Lucky for me, this job has plenty of both.

A big thank you to Diana and LynnAaron with Eventi planning for introducing me to this great couple and creating such a beautiful space!

King Family

Today I am feeling so grateful for the unforeseen little blessings this job has given me. Like reuniting me with old friends. Meghann and I have the best (and funniest!) memories of playing together as little kids with our sisters for hours upon hours. Forts, dress-up, Barbie’s. You name it!  To see her as a mother-to-be and photograph that moment in her life with her husband, Nick, was so incredible. They have since welcomed little miss Lillie Mae into the world. She is simply perfect <3

Rick & Heather’s Wedding

There is so much about this wedding day and the entire experience that I love. I honestly don’t know where to begin! Every time I turned the corner there was yet another eye catching detail, candid moment, and just plain fun to capture on camera.

I had the opportunity to work with an incredible videography trio, Clickspark. I cannot speak highly enough about this group! They were a breeze to work with. An awesome mix of professionalism and fun. Their finished product is the perfect slice of cinema that captures the true vibrancy of a wedding day.

And the couple…don’t even get me started! I could pretty much use every sweet adjective in the dictionary to describe them. There was just an ease to their day and creativeness in every corner of the wedding world they created to celebrate their new life as Mr. & Mrs.

I seriously have dreams about the delicious food their catering trucks whipped up…I’m hungry!









Bantu & Natalie

If  a lush green forest and wide open golden field makes you happy like it makes me happy then this sweet couple and their engagement session is going to make your Wednesday morning.