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  • Hello and welcome to all things MISA ME! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

    My photos say it all but if I had to describe my style in three words they would be fresh and candid always with a touch of sun flare .

    I've meshed the best of both worlds into this "blogsite" where you'll find post after post and image after image of the beauty I see in those I photograph and the moments that make you melt.

    Capturing laughter on camera gets me right in the gut! I'll rock your portrait session and click away from beginning to end on your wedding day!

    Hope to see you on the flip side of my camera!

Capital Style Magazine: Bridal Readers Choice Awards


So the most incredible thing just happened…MISA ME Photography was listed as TOP THREE in the “Best Wedding Photographer” category for Capital Style Magazine’s Bridal Readers Choice Awards! My excitement level is about 1,000,000 out of 10!

It gives me a giggle because being nominated started with a small handwritten note from my grandmother that read “Marisa – Get all your friends to go online – Love, Grandma”. I’m not one for for posting those types of things and was a little hesitant at first. But I went out on a limb, put myself out there, and posted a small message to Facebook with just under two days left for voting. After all, if Grandma says do it, by golly I’ll do it!

I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that took time out of their day to vote for MISA ME Photography. The biggest hug, kiss and thank you of all to my Grandma.

I think a hot fudge brownie sundae is in order!

Full award listing can be found here.




Styled Shoot: Romance in the Countryside

After a long cold winter there is nothing more exciting than warming temperatures. Its really the perfect time to get inspired! When you put four beauty-seeking wedding vendors together at the onset of spring something widely romantic will surely come about. Our inspiration started the moment we laid eyes on the most lovely hot pink Berkshire settee. Pair that with a glittering gold Badgley Mischka gown and a private rustic setting and you have breathtaking shoot peppered with the most beautiful little DIY details. Everything from gold Ellewood chairs, vintage travel cases, hanging teacups, a ladder and more. Romance and pretty inspiration rolled up into one great shoot!

Photographer: Marisa Crider – MISA ME Photography

Hair: Nikki Cagle – Creations a la Nikki

Makeup: Joseline Mroczek – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (Annapolis Mall)

Jewelry – Gifted

Flowers – DIY Bouquet

Decor – Amy Dunkel – XOXO Vintage Rentals

Bride’s Dress: Badgley Mischka from Rent The Runway

Groom’s Ensemble: Blazer – JC Penny, Pants – J Crew, Shoes – Cole Haan

Justin & Casey’s Wedding

This wedding! This unbelievable wedding! I have know idea how I am to fit all the amazing little details that came together to create this day in just a few shorts sentences. Justin and Casey took DIY to a whole other level. Pretty much everything you see they handcrafted themselves. I’m not kidding when I say everything. The celebration took place at Long Stone Farm in Virginia. The pair happily call this little slice of heaven their home. Imagine a ceremony site with lines of family gathered and sitting upon tightly wrapped bails of hay. A giant tree with limbs delicately draping over the couple as they say their vows. Fields as far as the eye can see with a mountain range in the backdrop. Rustic signage highlighting the most creative touches that made the evening feel like a true country getaway. Spiked cider, delicious jams and cozy blankets for the late night chill. By nightfall, guests stood around a grand bonfire and called it a day by sleeping in tents scattered throughout the farm.

Meyer Family

Post high-school, I had two friends I knew that were headed off to attend the United States Naval Academy. By a pure stroke of coincidence those two very friends were randomly assigned to be roommates their first year as plebes! Their new found friendship made for some pretty funny stories and memories between us all throughout college. To this day, although in different states, I consider them good friends. To top it off they each married fabulous ladies and have started families of their own. Just this past fall, I had the opportunity to photograph Joe’s little family. Their son could not be any cuter! Tons of playful energy, baby blues and a tiny head of loose curls.  It was a great evening and I only hope the future presents more opportunities like this.

James, this is your cue to get that cute family of yours back to Maryland for a photo session with yours truly!:)

Preview: Siona

I tend to save session previews for Facebook and Instagram. But sometimes you capture an image that just leaves you speechless. It represents everything you love about photography and the style you strive to achieve. For me, this would be one of those images. It was a simple patch of tall bay grass along the side of the road tucked away in a little community. But I’d say with Siona’s beauty and my love for manipulating sunflare, we turned it into something magical! Whether you are new to the art of photography or not, always try new things. Explore the not-so-obvious locations. Play with light…its everything. You may surprise yourself…